Recent Events

14 January 2024

Kennaa Riding Club, Show Jumping, 14th January 2024

Photographs are now available to view and purchase from Kennaa Riding Club’s Show Jumping event held on 14th January 2024. The images on the...

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1 January 2024

St John’s Fell Run, 1st January 2024

Photographs are now available to view and purchase from the St John’s Fell Run held on 1st January 2024… Please click on the small...

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8 October 2023

Kennaa Riding Club, Arena Eventing, 8th October 2023

Photographs from the Kennaa Riding Club’s Arena Eventing, held on 8th October 2023 are now available to view and purchase online. Please click on...

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5 September 2023

2023 Manx Grand Prix Photographs

I covered all practice sessions and races and covered all competitors. However, there are too many images to display on the website. If you...

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17 June 2023

2023 Isle of Man TT Photographs

During the 2023 Isle of Man TT, I covered every practice session and race. Whilst ensuring that I capture all the riders, there are...

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Event Archives

During a revamp of the website in January 2024, images from events held prior to August 2023 were removed from the website.

However, all images since 2007 remain in my archive. Please visit my portfolio page for an idea of the events I have covered. If you are interested in purchasing an image from any of the events listed below, please send an email giving as much information about the event and competitor as possible. (Year/Date, Name of Event, Competitor name, etc).

Please Note: I have covered every Manx Grand Prix and Isle of Man TT since 2007.